Modern Brush Calligraphy Envelope / Wedding Calligraphy / Calligraphy Address /

Modern Brush Calligraphy Envelope / Wedding Calligraphy / Calligraphy Address /

This listing is for an envelope order deposit.

Each envelope is $4.

Please add an additional 15% envelopes to total envelope count for potential added guests or mistakes.


Envelope calligraphy in my brush calligraphy S&S font.

$4 price includes recipients name in brush calligraphy and printed address as well as envelope cost, PER ENVELOPE.

To include return address, add an additional $1.00 per envelope (last name will be in calligraphy and address in printed text). 


Envelopes are high quality and compatible with my brush style calligraphy. Envelopes are sourced from Canadian company, Paper Circle in Victoria, BC. Click HERE to find the envelope colour to suit your style.


A $50 deposit will be required at time of purchase to secure your time slot for your event and calligraphy designs. This is non-refundable, and will be deducted from your total costs before envelopes are shipped to you for sending.


Mistakes and errors: If the calligrapher is responsible for any mistakes, the mistake will be corrected and sent back at no charge. If the error is that of the client’s, you will be charged for each extra envelope or billed again for the calligraphy work and any shipping charges.